Workplace Safety Resources

Safety Tags

Laminated safety tags have multiple uses including utility and cable related marking and identification. The lamination is used for protecting safety tags from tearing and fading. The lamination consists of a waterproof laminate material in which it is applied on the tag.  Write your message on the heavy duty tear proof vinyl laminated tag and then pull off the liner sheet of the laminated flap and it will automatically adhere itself to the vinyl tag, allowing you to read your message without fear of information being washed away.  These tags are self-protecting and easy to use, simply record the information on the tag,  peel off the laminate backing and press laminate to adhere to the tag for permanent record of your information.

Safety Signs - Indoors and Outdoors

Safety signs are the alert signs that help in indicating various hazards ahead. These safety signs help in reducing accidents at workplace, the beach and on the road side. It is a process of providing information or instructions by means of placing required signboards. Safety signs consist of words, safety messages and  pictorial warning symbols with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Each sign color is standardized and reflects a specific meaning.

Laminating Pouch Tips

Idesco Safety offers a variety of premium Laminating Pouches for all your laminating needs. Whatever thermal or heat-activated laminating pouches you require, Idesco has the laminating pouches for you! 

Roll Laminating Machines - FAQ

Why shouldn’t I just send my work out to a local laminator?  One reason is that most commercial or "trade" laminators have large equipment and focus on higher-volume jobs.  Another reason is that trade laminators are not generally comfortable laminating digital graphics, and they are often wary of ruining costly digital graphics.

Lockouts for Workplace and Equipment

A lockout is a device that is used to prevent employees having access to a machine or equipment that can pose to be too dangerous to operate. A lockout device is normally used in different situations such as  when service or maintenance is being performed on or around any machine. It is also used where injury could result from unexpected start-up or the release of stored energy. Lockouts are necessary when new equipment or machinery is being installed. Lockouts should also be used when a guard or other safety device must be bypassed or removed. They serve as a protection for employees who must place any part of his body where it could be caught by moving machinery.

Lockout Tagout Programs

Lockout/Tagout is a series of safety procedures designed to protect employees from injury while on the job.  Lockout tagout procedures are an essential part of OSHA’s safety regulations which were established to make American workplaces a safe environment. Consequently, many other countries have adapted similar safety systems.

Padlocks Keep You Safe

Padlocks are portable locks used to safeguard or lock out equipment, machinery, switches, doors and other workplace hazards.  They are used to protect property from theft, vandalism, sabotage, unauthorized use and accidental harm. Most padlocks are designed to protect against some degree of forced and surreptitious entry. Padlocks are an economical way to secure private or valuable items, at work or at home.

Idesco Safety supplies a large selection of padlocks with different designs and styles to choose from depending upon the type of security you need.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Signs and Labels

While some adhesives might require heat or some kind of solvent to efficiently bind two materials together, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) only require pressure. PSA is made from a non-cross linked rubber adhesives, polyurethanes, and acrylics. Although a pressure sensitive adhesive can form a strong bond, it can also be easily peeled off without damaging the surface. PSAs can firmly adhere to almost all types of surfaces such as wood, paper, and plastic. Tape, labels, and post-it notes are products that use PSAs.


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