Clear Padlock Sleeves

Our clear, heavy-duty, shrink-to-fit padlock sleeves will permanently protect your padlock labels! Avoid scuffing, abrasion, and longterm breakdown of your printed padlock labels from oil, heat, chemicals, and extreme weather. These sleeves come standard with all of our Padlock Labels or may be ordered separately. They come in various sizes and fit most padlocks. Protect your padlock labels for the entire life of your padlocks with our unique, clear shrinkwrap sleeves!
Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
Clear Shrinkwrap Sleeve - Standard LMBTA01B
Quantity per Pack:
Clear Shrinkwrap Sleeve - Standard      
Clear Shrinkwrap Sleeve - Small LMBTA02BD
Clear Shrinkwrap Sleeve - Small      
Clear Shrinkwrap Sleeve - Large LMBTA03BD
Clear Shrinkwrap Sleeve - Large      


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