Valve Lockouts

Our Valve Lockouts are safe and economical and  include Valve Wheel Lockouts, Ball Valve Lockouts and our versatile Universal (adjustable) Valve Lockouts for various sized ball valves. Lockouts allow you to use a padlock or a Lockout Hasp with multiple padlocks to lock out every type of valve. These Lockouts ensure that the valve will be closed until operations are authorized to safely resume. Idesco Safety - the safe choice for Valve Lockouts!

Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
Adjustable Ball Vall Lockout KWLXC77A
Adjustable Ball Vall Lockout      
Air Pressure Regulator Lockout KWLXC59A
Air Pressure Regulator Lockout      
Butterfly Lockout KWLXC
Butterfly Lockout      
Electrical/Pneumatic Plug Lockout KWLXC67A
Electrical/Pneumatic Plug Lockout      
Energy Lockout Device KWLXC69A
Energy Lockout Device      
Gas Cylinder Lockout KWLXC61A
Gas Cylinder Lockout      
Handle-Off Ball Valve Lockout KWLXC79A
Handle-Off Ball Valve Lockout      
Handle-On Ball Valve Lockout KWLXC80A
Handle-On Ball Valve Lockout      
Large Blocking Arm KWLXC84A
Large Blocking Arm      
Large Universal Valve L/O Clamping Unit, Nylon cable KWLXC85A
Large Universal Valve L/O Clamping Unit, Nylon cable      


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