Safety Accessories

Idesco Safety carries a wide range of loops, clips, hooks, strings, and fasteners. Choose from our wide selection and be sure your safety tags are hung securely! Also find grommets and grommet pliers, industrial heat guns for shrink-wrapping our special Color Coded and Clear Padlock Sleeves, and choose from a range of tamperproof lockstraps. Idesco Safety - your #1 choice for Safety Accessories!
Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
Hand Slot Punch SAYA014
Hand Slot Punch  Product Dimensions :5-.25" long, weight .6 lbs.    
Nylon Cable Ties (100 pack) KWB05E
Nylon Cable Ties (100 pack)      
Plastic Strap Loops AXA03A
Plastic Strap Loops  Product dimensions : 6"    
Grommets (20/Pack) KWA02
Quantity per Pack:
Grommets (20/Pack)  3 1/2 x 5 5/8 (custom sizes available upon request)    
Grommet Pliers KWB90
Grommet Pliers  3 1/2 x 5 5/8 (custom sizes available upon request)    
Industrial Heat Gun LMBW001A
Industrial Heat Gun  Standard    


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