Cable Lockouts

Do you need to lock out mutiple energy controls or valves, disconnect switches or high risk cabinets? Use a Cable Lockout! Tighten the cable around the controls, clamp it securely and affix your padlocks. These Cable Lockouts comply with OSHA lockout regulations.  Idesco Safety - your #1 choice for Lockout Safety! 

Item # Product name Price
Cable Lockout KWLXC103A
Cable Lockout  
Cinch Lockout Hasp KWLXC107A
Cinch Lockout Hasp  
Cinch Multiple Hasp Spool Lockout KWLXC108A
Cinch Multiple Hasp Spool Lockout  
Lockout Cinch Bag KWLXC109A
Lockout Cinch Bag  
Scissor-Lok Cable Clamping Lockout KWLAGA
Color with Cable:
Scissor-Lok Cable Clamping Lockout  
Steering Wheel Cover KWLXC7
Steering Wheel Cover & Lockout  
Multi-Purpose Cable Lockout Device KWLAGAD06
Multi-Purpose Cable Lockout Device  

Cable Lockouts Questions & Answers

Do the cable lockouts you provide meet all OSHA requirements?

Absolutely! It would be a disservice to our customers to provide anything less than what will insure a safe workplace and a successful audit by OSHA.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our products are made right here in the United States of America. We proudly keep the great American worker safe with only the best products made by the great American worker.

What is the pull strength of your cable lockouts?

While they vary by product, each one meets or exceeds OSHA requirements.

How much experience do you have managing occupational safety products?

For over 70 years we’ve been doing what we can to ensure every worker goes home safe to their families after every shift.

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