Color-Coded Padlock Sleeves

Made in the United States of America and designed to keep the great American worker safe, these durable and brightly colored padlock sleeves allow for quick identification and enhanced safety. Economical and efficient, organizations have the choice to add a printed “DANGER LOCKED OUT” warning and a legend to list specifics of the lockout. These shrink-to-fit padlock sleeves can be easily applied using an industrial heat gun or any standard shrink tunnel. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety of your employees and keep American industry rolling. 

Item # Product name Format Price
Lockwrap® Color-Coded Padlock Sleeve LMBBT
Lockwrap® Color-Coded Padlock Sleeve    
Lockwrap® Color-Coded Padlock Sleeve, Danger, Locked Out LMBBT1
Lockwrap® Color-Coded Padlock Sleeve, Danger, Locked Out    


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