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Idesco Safety Co., LLC, manufactures and distributes safety tags, lockout/tagout materials, indoor and outdoor signage, and laminating equipment and supplies to a wide range of companies throughout the country.   We also manufacture and distribute laminating materials and supplies to offices, shops, retail and food-service establishments nationwide.  Our Desktop Laminating machines and Pouch Laminations are in use everywhere!

For over 70 years, companies have turned to Idesco Safety for uncompromising quality, reliable and friendly service, competitive pricing, and responsive and market-driven product development.   With a production facility and main offices in New York City, New York, our ability to respond to the needs of our diverse and growing customer base is second to none

Our safety tags are made of extra-tough plastic, laminated using high-intensity heat and pressure which make our tags uniquely durable and resistant to wear and tear.  These tags are often exposed to the most extreme conditions, including oil platforms, automobile manufacturing, forestry, machinery plants, salt water, chemical immersion tanks, and countless indoor and outdoor facilities. They do not crack, chip, peel, or decompose in even the toughest conditions.  Further, the hard textured matte finish allows pencil, ink and marker notations which may be erased or changed as often as desired, but won’t come off by accident, even if the tag is immersed in water. 

Our stock line of safety tags, signs and labels is extensive and includes hundreds of legends and designs, and thousands of custom designs for companies everywhere.  Need a tag or sign or label for your shop?  We will make any quantity, size or design.  Stock tags, signs and labels are ready to ship immediately.  Custom in just days!

Idesco Safety is a division of Idesco Corporation, one of the nation's leading suppliers of ID badging, access control and security system, as well as printers and ribbons used by card manufacturers around the country.  

Turn to the trusted the Safety and Lamination Industry leader. Call 844-302-9806 or email us for further information today!  We look forward to serving you.

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Phone: (844) 302-9806