Plug and Switch Lockouts

Our Plug and Switch Lockouts are safe and versatile. These Lockouts allow you to use a padlock or a Lockout Hasp with multiple padlocks to lock out plugs and wall or machine switches, from 110V to 550V. Prevent the accidental use of a machine or switch! Lockouts will keep the plug or switch from being used until operations may safely resume. Idesco Safety - the safe choice for Lockouts!
Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
3-in-1 Plug Lockout KWLXC47A
3-in-1 Plug Lockout      
Brady Large Electrical Plug Lockout KWLXC48A
Brady Large Electrical Plug Lockout      
Brady Small Electrical Plug Lockout KWLXC49A
Brady Small Electrical Plug Lockout      
Button Safety Attachment KWLXC9-
Button Safety Attachment      
Button Safety Cover KWLXC97A
Button Safety Cover      
Hubble Large Plugout KWLXC46A
Hubble Large Plugout      
Hubble Small Plugout KWLXC45A
Hubble Small Plugout      
Install Bases (12/Pack) KWLXC101A
Install Bases (12/Pack)      
Installed Push-Button KWLXC99A
Installed Push-Button & Rotary Switch Cover      
Panduit Plug Lockout KWLXC50A
Panduit Plug Lockout      


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