Plug and Switch Lockouts

Our Plug and Switch Lockouts are safe and versatile. These Lockouts allow you to use a padlock or a Lockout Hasp with multiple padlocks to lock out plugs and wall or machine switches, from 110V to 550V. Prevent the accidental use of a machine or switch! Lockouts will keep the plug or switch from being used until operations may safely resume. Idesco Safety - the safe choice for Lockouts!
Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
3-in-1 Plug Lockout KWLXC47A
3-in-1 Plug Lockout      
Brady Large Electrical Plug Lockout KWLXC48A
Brady Large Electrical Plug Lockout      
Brady Small Electrical Plug Lockout KWLXC49A
Brady Small Electrical Plug Lockout      
Button Safety Attachment KWLXC9-
Button Safety Attachment      
Button Safety Cover KWLXC97A
Button Safety Cover      
Hubble Large Plugout KWLXC46A
Hubble Large Plugout      
Hubble Small Plugout KWLXC45A
Hubble Small Plugout      
Install Bases KWLXC101A
Install Bases      
Installed Push-Button KWLXC99A
Installed Push-Button & Rotary Switch Cover      
Panduit Plug Lockout KWLXC50A
Panduit Plug Lockout      


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