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May 30 2019

Overcoming limiting mind-sets to improve safety

No one would deny that safety in the workplace is critically important. Most large industrial companies that face workplace hazards devote considerable resources to reducing injuries and incidents. The have a health, safety, and environment (HSE) management system in place and commonly include HSE incidents in annual reports. Yet, safety performance at many organizations plateaus after an initial phase of improvement.  This article explores the limiting mind-sets in organizations that struggle with improving safety. 

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February 17 2019

8 Steps to a Safer Workplace You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Safety in the workplace should be paramount for any business, but for those industries in construction, transportation, manufacturing, waste management, and others, it is even more important. This is because accidents in these industries can result in serious injuries and even death.

A new infographic from Progressive Safety Equipment titled, “8 Overlooked Work Site Safety Practices” highlights the need for management and employees to come together to create a safe working environment.

Small contractors who work in different sites are especially vulnerable. If they don’t get together with everyone working on a project to discuss safety and the protocols which are/or need to be in place, it makes the site a dangerous environment.

According to Progressive Safety Equipment, “Having a safe environment starts with a good relation of awareness and knowledge of workers and employers about safety hazards.”

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November 20 2018

How a good workplace safety program got even better

A Pennsylvania metal parts manufacturer thought it already had an “exceptional” safety program when it reached out to a government program for assistance.

Brockway-based Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC, a family-owned manufacturer of sintered (compacted and formed without liquefaction) metal parts, is “committed to continuous improvement,” according to the company. While researching ways to expand the company's occupational health and safety policies and procedures, Phoenix found the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), PA OSHA Consultation Program webpage. (The IUP Safety Sciences Department is the officially designated agency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for providing no-cost occupational safety and health consultative services made available through OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Program.)

Hazards found and fixed

"We felt engaging the services of IUP PA OSHA was a good way to build on our exceptional safety program,” said Phoenix’ Safety Coordinator, Terry Fustine. During the initial walkthrough, Pennsylvania OSHA consultants identified housekeeping, improper labeling, machine guarding, improper use of extension cords, new employee safety orientation, electrical, and other hazards.

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April 27 2018

The Health and Safety of America's Workers Is at Risk

Tomorrow may seem like just another Saturday. Some of us will likely sleep a little later and then get on to those household chores and tasks we can’t get to during the week. Some of us will enjoy some leisure time with family and friends. Many of us will get up and go to work—maybe even to a second or third job.

But April 28 is not just another day. Here in the U.S. and around the world, it’s Workers’ Memorial Day—the day each year that recognizes, commemorates and honors workers who have suffered and died of work-related injuries and illnesses. It is also a day to renew the fight for safe workplaces. Because too many workers lose their lives, their health, their livelihoods or their ability to fully engage in the routine activities of daily living because of hazards, exposures and unsafe conditions at work.

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April 19 2018

New Article Examines the Possibility of Applying Workplace Safety Rules to the NFL

Could occupational health and safety laws be applied to better protect NFL players? A new analysis, published on April 17 in the Arizona Law Review, explores this very possibility.

The article, written by the Law and Ethics Initiative of the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University, examines whether the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) should take an active role in improving health and safety in the NFL workplace.

The article concludes that while OSHA clearly has the authority to regulate the NFL, there is little to no precedent or guidance for OSHA to insert itself into the on-the-field aspects of professional sports. The small body of case law that bears on OSHA’s authority in entertainment and sports opens some doors for OSHA to issue standards for the NFL but also sets some limits on its ability to alter the nature of the game. Adding a public institution like OSHA as a party to existing labor-management discussions concerning health and safety may be the best natural evolution of the issue, the report says, mapping a pathway for OSHA to step up to this challenge.

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April 19 2018

Inspection opened into Tesla for workplace safety

A California safety agency has launched an inspection of Tesla (TSLA)'s Fremont car factory.

California's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA) opened the inspection on Tuesday. A spokesperson for the group would not specify exactly what triggered the action, only that it "takes seriously reports of workplace hazards and allegations of employers' under reporting recordable work-related injuries and illnesses."

On Monday, the Center for Investigative Reporting published an article claiming Elon Musk's electric car company had under-reported work-related injuries at the plant. According to the article, Tesla artificially lowered the number of injuries in its official count by improperly claiming some were minor or due to personal medical conditions.

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June 10 2013

Police & Security Expo - June 25 & June 26

IDESCO is exhibiting at the 27th Annual Police and Security Expo at The Atlantic City Convention Center June 25  & June 26, 2013. The Expo showcases the latest products and services needed by industry professionals. Products on display include identification equipment, surveillance equipment, investigative aids, wireless services, safety equipment, uniforms, transport vehicles and much more. Over 7,000 professionals are expected to attend. They include Police Chiefs, Municipal and State Police, College Campus Police, Federal and State agencies, Safety Officers, Fire & Rescue Officers and First Responders.. Registration is free with proper identification.  Find us at Booth 332! 

January 10 2013

US Labor Department's OSHA cites BMC Building Materials and Construction Services in New Braunfels, Texas, for exposing workers to electrical, machine guarding hazards

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited BMC Building Materials and Construction Services Inc. with seven serious violations for exposing workers to electrical and machine guarding hazards at the company's work site in New Braunfels. Proposed penalties total $41,000. OSHA began its safety inspection on Oct. 3 at the company's facility on FM 482 where workers were building prefabricated wood trusses without the required machine guarding. The inspection was conducted in response to a complaint about unsafe working conditions and machine hazards.
December 23 2012

OSHA: Lack of lockout/tagout Led to Worker’s Death

OSHA has cited ATW Automation in connection with a worker’s fatal blunt force trauma injuries at the company’s facility in Dayton, Ohio. The worker was caught and pinned by a conveyor that had lowered during a power-down process. He died from his injuries about a week later.

July 25 2012

NSC Congress & Expo is coming...are you ready?

Idesco is exhibiting in Booth 1246

Safety excellence is an ongoing journey. Learn how to apply best practices and sucessful methods to transform your biggest challenges. Be a force of change in your organization by bringing the knowledge home!

April 27 2012

OSHA News Release: 12-836-NAT April 27, 2012 Statement by Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on Workers' Memorial Day

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March 19 2012

Security Up At NY Jewish Sites After France Attack

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March 14 2012

Hearing on World Trade Center Security Plan

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January 17 2012

China to Increase Coal-bed Methane Output

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December 14 2011

Woman Killed in Freak NYC Elevator Accident

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