Circuit Breaker and Fuse Lockouts

Circuit breaker lockouts work on a wide range of breakers, including single and multi-pole breaker configurations. Snap-on and clamp-on breaker Lockouts accommodate almost any situation. Additional options are available that eliminate hasps for group lockout, isolate uniquely sized breakers and secure breaker blockers for irregularly shaped switches.
We offer many different Ciruit Breaker and Fuse Lockout systems to cover a range of unique lockout situations. To ensure your personnel are safe and your shop is OSHA compliant, turn to Idesco Safety! 
Item # Product name Price
"No-Tool" Breaker L/O KWLXC36A
"No-Tool" Breaker L/O  
Aircraft Breaker Lockout KWLXC41A
Aircraft Breaker Lockout  
Breaker Padlock (KD) KWLXC31A
Breaker Padlock (KD)  
Copper Patch Cord Lock-In Device Standard KWLXC120A
Copper Patch Cord Lock-In Device Standard  
GripTight Breaker L/O KWLXC27A
GripTight Breaker L/O  
GripTight Hi-V Breaker L/O KWLXC26A
GripTight Hi-V Breaker L/O  
I-Line/FPE Breaker L/O KWLXC35A
I-Line/FPE Breaker L/O  
Mini Breaker L/O KWLXC2
Tab Color:
Mini Breaker L/O  
Panduit Mini-Breaker (5/Pack) KWLXC37A
Panduit Mini-Breaker (5/Pack)  
Panduit Mini-Breaker - No Tool (Pack of 5) KWLXC38A
Panduit Mini-Breaker - No Tool (Pack of 5)  

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