Our new product, Make-A-Magnet™, enables you to make your own laminated magnets, for safety signs, for marketing materials, for information charts and for photos. Use laminated magnets at work or home. We even have special Vehicle magnets for use on cars or trucks.

Magnets are ideal for business card promotions, vehicle graphics, photographs, safety signs, notices and all kinds of advertising displays. Everybody loves magnets, and keep them for a lifetime!

The Make-A-Magnet™ process is fast and easy. Just take your regular printed image and place it inside a Make-A-Magnet™ laminating pouch, and run it through a Desktop Pouch Laminating Machine, and you're done! One, two three ... simple as that!

Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
Make-A-Magnet™ Letter Size (8-1/2 x 11) Pouch MGT-101
Make-A-Magnet™ Letter Size (8-1/2 x 11) Pouch  8.5" x 11"    
Make-A-Magnet™ Sign (11x14) Pouch MGT-103
Make-A-Magnet™ Sign (11x14) Pouch  11" x 14"    
Make-A-Magnet™ Photo (8x10) Pouch MGT-104
Make-A-Magnet™ Photo (8x10) Pouch  8" x 10"    
Make-A-Magnet™ Medium Photo (5x7) Pouch MGT-105
Make-A-Magnet™ Medium Photo (5x7) Pouch  5" x 7"    
Make-A-Magnet™ Small Photo (4x6) Pouch MGT-106
Make-A-Magnet™ Small Photo (4x6) Pouch  4" x 6"    
Make-A-Magnet™ Super Size (12x18) Pouch MGT-107
Make-A-Magnet™ Super Size (12x18) Pouch  12" x 18"    
Make-A-Magnet™ Vehicle Sign Magnet Pouch MGT-108
Make-A-Magnet™ Vehicle Sign Magnet Pouch  12" x 18"    


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