Lockouts for Workplace and Equipment

A Lockout is a device that is used to prevent employees from having access to a machine, equipment, area or room.  It is used in a variety of situations, often as required by OSHA, when a machine or piece of equipment is deemed dangerous to operate, or is being repaired, or is hazardous in another way.  Most often these devices are used in conjunction with Padlocks which serve to secure the Lockout onto the affected equipment, cabinet, valve or area.

Lockout equipment keeps your personnel safe and your facility in compliance with OSHA regulations.  If you want to restrict access to plugs, breakers, valves, pneumatic equipment, cabinets and virtually any type of electrical equipment, there is an appropriate Lockout device to do the job.

Lockouts may also be used to prevent dangerous accidental start-ups of equipment.

The most common applications for Lockout devices are:

Machinery Maintenance
Equipment Installation
Operation requiring removal of safety shields
Refurbishing of Electrical Lines and Boxes
Hazardous Equipment
High-Voltage Equipment
Plant Shut-downs for a variety of reasons

Idesco Safety provides a wide selection of Lockouts including the following most popular types of devices:

Lockout Hasps - Made from nylon, aluminum, and steel, these allow more than one worker to put their padlock on an energy control device when more than one worker is performing maintenance on a given piece of equipment. Lockout hasps also can attach multiple padlocks to one energy source.

Circuit Breaker Lockouts - designed to help lock out most major brands of circuit breakers.  Most circuit breaker Lockouts are designed to isolate a given breaker in a circuit breaker panel so that the entire breaker box does not need to be locked out.

Valve Wheel Lockouts - designed to prevent fluid or gas valves from being opened while repair or maintenance is under way. 
              Ball valve lockouts - measured by the length of the handle.
              Gate valve lockouts - measured by the diameter of the knob.

Plug and Switch Lockouts
- assist in locking out any electrical plug up to certain diameters. The plug is designed to prevent workers from tampering with switches or accidental startup of equipment. Switch can be locked in the On or Off position.

Adjustable Cable Lockouts
- come with cables that allow for locking out a wide variety of electrical or valve lockouts and also accommodate multiple padlocks. Adjustable cable lockouts are hard to break and include a built-in loop that keep the cables in coiled positions, making them easy to carry and store.

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