Laminating Pouch Tips

Idesco Safety offers a variety of premium Laminating Pouches for all your laminating needs. Whatever thermal or heat-activated laminating pouches you require, Idesco has the laminating pouches for you! 

Laminating Pouches are available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. Also with 3-hole punch for looseleaf notebooks, with built-in easel backings for stand-up displays, with 1 hole top center for hanging signs,  peel-off, self-adhesive backed pressure-sensitive pouches are available for sticking documents to a counter, wall, desk or door, and super rigid pouches for indoor or outdoor signs come with 4 holes already drilled, ready for posting! 

Laminating pouches come in all sizes too! For wallet cards, business cards, ID cards, luggage tags, recipe cards, letters, legal documents, menus and more! Over-sized pouches too, for charts and posters.

What thickness of Laminating Pouch do you need?

  • 3 mil each side ...  Economical, relatively thin lamination. Laminated items are still may be folded or rolled.
  • 5 mil each side ...  Sturdy, durable lamination that won't dog-ear. Laminated items are smooth and flat but can still be rolled.
  • 7 mil each side ...  Rigid and strong, lamination is clear, stiff and will not dog-ear. Laminations are smooth, flat and will not roll or fold.
  • 10 mil each side ... Heavy-duty lamination that is clear, stiff and durable. Laminations will be rigid, will not crease or roll.

Important Tips for Laminating using Idesco Safety Laminating Pouches:

  • Carrier sheets are included with every box of laminating pouches, which we suggest you use every time you want to laminate a document.
  • In order to be sure to seal your document completely in plastic, make sure your Laminating Pouch is at least  1/8" larger than your document on all sides.   Trimming the pouch flush to the document, without a lip of plastic all around, will expose the edges of the paper to moisture and air, and may lead to delamination over time.
  • If the pouch appears cloudy after you finish laminating your document, then the temperature of the laminating machine needs to be increased. Increase the laminating temperature in small increments until the pouch is completely clear and flat. You may re-laminate a document that has been laminated with insufficient heat without damaging the document or the pouch.
  • If the pouch has a wrinkled, warped or wavy appearance after lamination, then chances are good that the temperature is set too high and needs to be decreased. After adjusting the temperature, allow the laminator to cool for a few minutes to ensure that it has reached the specified temperature before inserting a new pouch.

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