Q-Tag and P-Tag Self-Laminated Safety Tags

When it comes to laminated Safety Tags, turn to Idesco Safety! Our Q-Tag and P-Tag Self-Laminated Safety Tag Kits will fit your needs perfectly.

 Q-Tags and P-Tags enable you to customize your Lockout and Tagout program, or your operational or maintenance safety tags, by adding a photo of your operator or manager, or adding specific contact information regarding the Lockout.  Simply paste in the photo, or write your special instructions with pen, pencil, or marker, and laminate the tag for a durable, permanent, customized safety tag!

Q-Tag Self-Laminated Safety Tag Kit consists of 100 paper tag inserts, and 100 safety-tag shaped laminating pouches made of heavy-duty polyester material.   These pouches are designed to withstand OSHA's 50 lb pull test, and to provide long-term durable protection for repeated use.  For Q-Tags, use an Idesco Desktop Laminators (or other brand laminator) to laminate the paper insert inside the Q-Tag Laminating Pouch.  These rugged desktop laminating machines produce a flat, clear output and have user-friendly controls to help you get the best results every time. From entry level to professional grade, Idesco Safety has the right Desktop Laminator for your application.  Q-Tags are durable, strong, clear, and the perfect custom tag solution for your shop!

P-Tag Self-Laminated Safety Tags are similar to Q-Tags except NO LAMINATING MACHINE is required!  These individual PLASTIC tags each come with a pressure-sensitive over-lamination, on either one side or 2 whichever you choose.  After customizing your tag, simply peel off the liner, and press down on the lamination for a durable, finished safety tag!

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