Safety Signs - Indoors and Outdoors

Safety signs are essential visual alerts for every workplace. These signs are used indoors and outside in order to give clear instructions, reduce accidents, and eliminate confusion and misunderstandings.  Most Safety Signs consist of words, motivational safety messages and pictorial warning which include symbols with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Safety Sign colors are also helpful in quickly communicating a specific meaning, for example Red for danger, Yellow and Orange for caution, Blue for handicapped access, Green for conservation.

Safety signs guide employees through routine tasks in the safest possible way. Although many companies offer safety training on various safety procedures and operational tasks, employees must be informed and frequently reminded about the safety equipment and safety measures they need to take while at work.

Safety Signs come in a variety of styles and materials:

Durable Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl Signs (PSV).  These thin plastic decal signs affix to walls and doors, either small or large.  These are durable signs especially for indoor use, and are designed to provide vital information to your employees, informing them of the proper procedures, cautions, work areas, exits, and other specific instructions.

High-Impact Rigid Plastic Signs (HRP).  These hard plastic signs are used for a variety of safety applications, especially for Exit markings, No Smoking and Recycle signs, and other safety alerts.

Aluminum Signs (ALU).  These prices are the most rugged sign materials available, and are especially effective outdoors and in caustic, wet, or other industrial environments.

Some of our most popular Safety Signs:

DANGER: High Voltage

Idesco Safety offers a wide selection of safety signs that comply with the standards mandated by OSHA and ANSI. Our signs are easy to read from a distance and convey the appropriate message for each designated situation.  All signs are available in Spanish, French and multiple languages.

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