From Magnets to Mirrors: Making Your Workplace Safe Again

From Magnets to Mirrors: Making Your Workplace Safe Again

In the field of industry, there is a phenomenon known as practical drift. Policy dictates a process be completed a certain way, but on the front line where the real work is done employees tend to show new employees a “better way.” What happens then is that real time operations deviate from established safety protocols and the scope of the problem is only discovered after a tragic accident. Sadly, it is an accident that could have been avoided had managers not assumed policy and protocol was being followed on the front lines. If you fear that might be your organization, then take a look at two of the most commonly overlooked safety feature solutions we offer. From magnets to mirrors, we’ll show you what it takes to make your workplace safe again.

Make a Magnet and Stay Safe

When you operate and work in world of metal machinery, a simple magnet can be the safety solution you never thought possible. Moreover, it is surprisingly affordable. With our Make-A-Magnet laminating system, you can create quick and easy signage ready to be posted up throughout your work place. The process is amazingly simply as you just place your regular printed image or sign in the Make-A-Magnet laminating pouch and then run it through the Desktop Pouch Laminating Machine. Voila, you’ve got a magnet you can place just about anywhere in most industrial settings.

So whether that is a sign that reads, “Danger, High Voltage” or “Do Not Operate” you can customize the magnet to your safety need. The great thing about this machine is that it brings any organization value far beyond just safety. You can give your marketing efforts a boost by printing signage used to get the word out about what you do. We even special magnets for your car or vehicle. It sounds a little obvious, but if safety is paramount in your industrial workplace then why not put up a high quality magnet to warn of potential dangers.

Check Yourself Out in the Mirror

Rarely an employee around the world will fail to check themselves out in the mirror before work in the morning. However, the simple process of adding a high quality safety mirror can do wonders for workplace safety and security. The mirror increases one’s range of vision to easily see machinery coming around the corner or event to stop two people from bumping into one another. Unfortunately, when a mirror breaks or is no longer mounted it is often one of the first things that gets overlooked until OSHA comes knocking or an accident takes place.

So whether it is your standard round convex indoor mirror or perhaps even a half dome that offers a greater range of vision, we offer a simple solution for every scenario. Mirrors are often used in retail establishments to guard against loss prevention giving them an added element of safety and security. It’s human nature to check oneself out in a mirror when walking by, so whether it is for safety or vanity’s sake you can be confident this mirror will get used.

Made in the USA

Finally, we want to point out that when you pick up your safety products to keep the American worker safe that you will be employing fellow Americans as all of our products are made right here in the USA. For over 70 years we’ve been an industry leader in workplace safety and we take our business seriously. We don’t compromise on the quality of materials or quality of process because we know that lives can depend on us getting it right. So don’t forget to check out the rest of the safety solutions we offer here at Idesco Safety and starting making your workplace safe again today. 


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