American Made Hazardous Material Signage for the Great American Worker

American Made Hazardous Material Signage for the Great American Worker

By the time an employee feels the burn of a corrosive material or inhale the first gasp of noxious fumes, it is too late. As an employer it is your responsibility to look out for the welfare of your employees, and when an injury occurs the moment to take proper precautions has passed. More often than not, workplace injury debriefings typically reveal something both an employer and employee could have done better to prevent the injury. Lessons learned are applied to the future. What you do not want to see in an injury debriefing is that you as the employer failed to take the most basic precaution available. Namely, putting up proper signage to warn of the use of hazardous materials. The evidence is clear and the data is conclusive. Putting up proper signage works. Failing to do so puts your organization at risk for unprecedented liability. So let’s talk hazardous material signage.

All Employees Need Proper Signage

Some have argued that signs wouldn’t be necessary if employees used common sense. After all, it’s not every day that you see your best employees running around the workplace with an open container of acid. However, top tier organizations understand that proper processes exist to save your best employees on their worst day. Part of that proper process could simply be posting a “DANGER: ACID” sign where acid is present. The message is simple and it is hard to misinterpret.

Granted, such signage is most certainly for the employee who always seems to be the reason a new process is created. However, it’s also for your stellar employee who might come to work off their game the Monday after a Super Bowl party. Proper signage is for everyone. Whether it is to notify of the presence of CHLORINE or even to relay that CAUSTIC materials are in play, putting up proper signage is the first line of defense that will keep your employees safe and your organization in compliance.

Detailed Signage Matters

While simple straight-forward signs will do the trick, there are times when you need to offer a little more detail. After all, if taking the time to explain more sends all your employees home with the same amount of fingers and toes they came to work with, then it is worth it. Just take this “Danger: ASBESTOS” sign for example. Your average person is well aware that asbestos is dangerous, but they may not fully appreciate the scope and scale of the threat.

So in this case, the sign drives the point home by reminding you that asbestos is a cancer and lung disease hazard. It then reminds the reader that only authorized personnel are allowed. However, it goes further to emphasize to the authorized personnel that respirators and protective clothing are required. This is a sign that leaves nothing to chance and your employees deserve nothing less.

Hazardous Material Signage for the Workforce of Tomorrow

For over 70 years, Idesco Safety has labored to keep the great American worker safe and we plan to do so for another 70 years as we face the threats of tomorrow. We have a full array of Hazardous Material Signs available as we have strived to come up with every threat perceivable. However, if we don’t have the sign you need to keep your employees safe, then just let us know and we will make it. All of our signs are made right here in the United States of America for the great American worker looking to put food on the table for their families. Every worker deserves to go home at the end of the shift and with proper signage, you’ll be doing your part to make that a reality. 


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