Looking Out for Your Employees with Personal Protection Signage

Looking Out for Your Employees with Personal Protection Signage

It can often be said that a good process will save your best employee on their worst day. All employees make mistakes with some just heading down that road a little more often than others. Many times the patterns of behavior exhibited by the troublesome staff are clear reasons for termination. However, what does an organization do when one of your stellar employees makes a costly decision that puts both life and profit at risk? The answer would be to put proper processes in place before that ever happens. You shouldn’t have to tell your best employees to wear personal protection equipment during a dangerous job. Yet, even your best employees are human and they need their organization to look out for their welfare when they are having one of their worst days. So let’s talk about how personal protection signage can save you both.

Good Processes Include Proper Signage

When it comes to keeping workers, both the good ones and the bad, safe in the workplace an organization must support proper training with the proper signage. Let’s take perhaps the most common and most violated safety standard found in the workplace. The common hard hat can be seen in just about every industry where parts, machinery or products move to and fro. There is no doubt that a hard hat to protect your noggin is common sense. However, the fact  that it is so common is what causes many employees and managers to take it for granted. That’s why we recommend the “Caution: Hard Hats Must Be Worn In This Area” sign wherever hard hats are required.

Even good employees need a solid reminder during the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Clear and proper signage supports the employees with a simple reminder of the obvious. Yet, there are more clear and present dangers in the workplace that need proper signage as well. Whether you are requiring eye protection or the use of an airline respirator, letting an employee find out the hard way the signs were serious would be irresponsible. It doesn’t matter how many safety videos you have shown to the employees, adding the proper signage is your last chance to warn them their attention has waned.

Proper Signage Puts People First

Beyond valuing human life, there are countless reasons to post proper signage in the workplace. From ensuring you can pass muster on your next OSHA audit to simply covering your rears when something goes wrong, there is plenty of justification for the investment in personal protection signage. However, the intent will always be to place the safety of the great American worker first. Just take this, “Caution: Safety Shoes Required in this Area” sign.

Dropping 200 pounds of steel on your big toe hurts. Just take our word for it and we recommend you don’t try and find out for sure with a reckless experiment. Losing a toe is a big deal, but losing one’s vision because they failed to wear proper eye equipment or suffer a traumatic brain injury because of the failure to wear a hard hat is life altering. American industry will go on regardless of the cost. Individual workers may not. As a leading organization in your industry it is incumbent upon you to utilize proper signage that puts people first. So there you have it. For the past 70 years we’ve labored to keep the great American worker safe and with your help and proper signage, we’ll do it for another 70. 

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