Lock Wrap Labels for Padlocks

Lock Wrap Labels for Padlocks

In September of 1989, The OSHA Lockout:Tagout Regulation CFR1910.147 went into effect. It clearly stated that equipment being serviced had to be completely shut down and had to be both "Locked Out" and "Tagged Out" (with the tag firmly attached to the lock) clearly identifying the person or persons involved in that servicing operation. Furthermore, to insure the tag could not inadvertently slip off, tear off or somehow be removed from the padlock, both the tag and the device used to attach it to the padlock had to be strong enough to "pull" 50 pounds. And thus, the LockWrap(R) Padlock Label was created. The LockWrap acts as a tag and is wrapped securely around the padlock and cannot be removed.

The patented Idesco LockWrap(R) consists of two parts: The pressure-sensitive label and a "shrink-wrap" sleeve. The pressure-sensitive label is made from tough but flexible synthetic material. It is printed with the symbols and wording that satisfies the OSHA CFR1910.147 requirements. For example, one of the labels states in Bold Lettering, which follows the standard OSHA format: DANGER. The instructional sentence DO NOT REMOVE THIS LOCK, MY LIFE DEPENDS UPON IT, follows. Additional space is available to indicate the name of the person responsible for the label along with the name of his or her department and phone number. Additional pertinent information can be added if necessary. While a photo of the person involved in the lockout is not required under the OSHA regulation, when included, it adds a great deal of impact to the importance of practicing safety during the lockout operation.

The label can be purchased two ways. One way is with a clear polyester laminate film that covers and protects the label. The film is lifted just enough to write the required information and place a photo of the person involved in the lockout, if desired. The film is then sealed over the label using a desk-top laminator. Another way the label can be purchased is with a clear, pressure-sensitive acetate covering the label. In this situation, the film is lifted up slightly so that the information can be added. Then the "release" paper covering the acetate adhesive is removed and the material is then easily pressed down, sealing the label.

Both sets of labels have a very aggressive adhesive on the back. It is also protected by an easy-to-remove "release" paper. When it is time to place the label over and around the padlock, the "release" paper is removed and the label is then attached to the padlock. Although the label does have a very aggressive adhesive, it is a good idea to place the second part of the LockWrap Padlock Label, the "shrink-wrap" sleeve over the label.

The "shrink-wrap" material is a tough, thick, clear material designed to fit over the entire label. The "shrink-wrap" is placed over the padlock and put into the proper position of covering the label. It is then "shrunk" tightly around the label and padlock with the use of an industrial heat gun. Once sealed into position, it will stay there for the life of the padlock, if desired. The shrink-wrap material protects the label from any of the pitfalls it might encounter in an industrial environment. It also provides additional insurance that the label cannot and will not fall off. Thus it satisfies the OSHA Lockout:Tagout requirement of both identity and secured strength.

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