'Do Not Operate' Lockout Tags

Idesco's Lockout/Tagout "Do Not Operate" tags comply with OSHA 1910.147 Lockout/Tagout Regulation and ANSI Z535.  These safety tags are durable and strong and withstand moisture, dirt, grease, chemicals and extreme temperatures.  They are reinforced with a 3/8" metal grommet. Each tag has a pull strength that exceeds the OSHA-required 50 lbs. Printing is encapsulated inside rigid PVC. This rugged material has a durable, hard-matte finish which retains pen, pencil and marker notations and pencil may be erased for multiple use. The tags are clear and effective at reducing accidents and preventing worksite mishaps.

Item # Legend Price
Lockout Safety Tag - Danger, Do Not Operate (Ansi) T9-36
Tag Types:
DANGER, Do Not Operate (ANSI)  

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