Utilizing the Beautifully Simple and Safe Padlock Label

Utilizing the Beautifully Simple and Safe Padlock Label

It is a general rule of thumb when working in a hazardous environment that “what OSHA wants OSHA gets.” It is not that industry of any sort loves government influence and wakes up hoping for a new set of regulations in the workplace. Rather, it is that there is little benefit worth drawing the ire of OSHA and when it comes to the safety of your employees you can never go too far. That’s why if you haven’t picked up padlock labels yet for your organization, then now is the time to do so. OSHA requires that lockout devices be standardized within the facility in at least one of the following criteria: color; shape; or size. That is to say than any employee would immediately recognize this particular lock as it is used for no other purpose at the facility. Thankfully for your organization, we’ve got you covered with some beautifully designed simple and safe options for padlock labels.

The Can’t Mess it Up Photo ID Tag

Every organization has that one person who could find a way to mess up just about any task. That being said, this employee would have a hard time failing to heed and understand the importance of these DIY Photo ID Labels and Safety Tags. Not only does it come with required information such as name, department and date, but it allows you to place a photo of the person responsible for the lockout. As a clear rule of thumb, if they picture on the tag isn’t you then don’t touch it. One might forget their own name during a busy work day, but the picture is straight and to the point.

All you need is a smartphone or camera to snap a picture of the employee and store the file for printing. Then, with something as simple as our Desktop Pouch Laminator you can secure the tag with sturdy plastic. This system of lockout tag is simply too hard to truly mess up ensuring there are no unexpected discharges of power resulting in injury or loss of life. For the organization that truly wants to spare no expense when it comes to safety, this one is definitely for you.

The Wide World of Padlock Labels

Given that there are a variety of organizational and industry needs, we’ve got a Laminated Padlock Label for just about anything you can imagine. Remember, OSHA requires that they be standardized within the organization and not the entire country. So you do have color options and size options that you can still play with here. The key is that the message is clearly conveyed to the employees like this Yellow Safety Tag - Caution Do Not Operate. There is no way to confuse the message or intent when they are the same throughout your organization.

Moreover, we understand that these labels need to hold up in some of the most rugged environments. Ours are made to be durable and strong as they hold up against dirt, grease, moisture and extremes in temperature. We also have Self-Laminated Padlock Labels that don’t require any machinery to secure. Simply peel off and press down the plastic lamination for a permanent padlock identification.

The Economical Padlock Sleeve

Finally, not every organization has a massive budget and yet, safety is still paramount. With these Color-Coded Padlock Sleeves, you can accomplish all of the same function as the fancier lockout tags with just a little less flair. You can purchase them with or without the printed legend and they have a shrink-to-fit sleeve clearly identifies your organization’s choice for uniformity in messaging. With five different colors to choose from, you can still keep your employees safe while sparing a little on the budget.

Like we mentioned, running afoul of OSHA is no fun and seeing an employee injured is most certainly not so. We are proud to have been in the business of keeping the great American worker safe for over 70 years. Not to mention that all of our products are made right here in the United States of America. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our safety products at IDESCO Safety and keep looking out for your employees and their welfare. 

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