Self Laminating Safety or P-Tags

Self Laminating Safety  or P-Tags

There are many many industrial situations where information has to be inputted onto an informational tag. For example, lockout:tagout procedures; maintenance order instructions; a specific valve number has to be added; right-to-know information, biohazard announcements, just to name a few. Often times the tag has to be written up immediately and placed in position. An ideal way to do this is with a Pressure-Sensitive tag or as Idesco calls it – A “P-tag.”  That is because the tag can easily have information added to it with either pen or pencil and can be sealed by simply removing the release paper from the pressure-sensitive adhesive. No heat-seal lamination is required.

These pressure-sensitive “p-tags” are made of extra tough vinyl and come with a metal grommet. So they can be placed in position indefinitely. The tags have “flaps” on both sides. These are pressure-sensitive acetate flaps. Once all the information has been inputted to one of the sides of the tag, simply remove the “release” paper protecting the adhesive and press down on the acetate. The information will be locked in permanently.

There are many legends offered in the Idesco “P-tag” product line. They include DANGER, CAUTION, WARNING, PELIGRO, CONFINED SPACE CONTROL, VALVE NUMBER, MAINTENANCE ORDER, INSTRUCTIONS and RIGHT-TO-KNOW.  Custom legends and/or printed forms are also available. The tags are ideal for use as an INSTRUCTIONS Tag. Each machine in a facility may require their own individual instructions. So there is no need to purchase several tags with the same information on it for no reason. Simply take a “Blank” Instructions tag, write out the specific instructions required for a piece of equipment, then place the tag in position, attached to the equipment.  The same holds true for RIGHT-TO-KNOW tags, where each piece of equipment may have different, Health Hazard, Flammability and Reactivity values. As they pull over 50 lbs. “P-tags” can also be used for Lockout:Tagout situations. In this case, make sure that the tags include the standard OSHA  “DANGER” as well as the phrase DO NOT OPERATE. Then attach the tag to the padlock that is locking out a device being serviced during a Lockout servicing situation.

The quality of material; the wide selection of legends; the low cost, economical nature of the tags, make them a standard of any factory safety operation.

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