Find the Right Workplace Sign for Every Setting under the Sun

Find the Right Workplace Sign for Every Setting under the Sun

Not every measure of good judgement in the workplace has to be dictated by OSHA. There are times when a good measure of common sense would do just fine and as such, OSHA doesn’t dictate every action under the sun when it comes to the workplace. That’s why we have a huge demand for workplace signage that speaks to the commonsense needs around you every day. One of the biggest needs facing the workplace revolve around simply keeping the earth a little greener each day. Humans can be messy and sometimes, they need a little nudging towards the common sense realm when it comes to keeping the workplace clean and our earth a little more green.

Making the Earth a Little More Green

Not everyone in the workplace would label themselves and environmentalist. However, common sense tells the average employee that it is better to recycle than to not. Unfortunately, common sense is not quite as common as we would like. That’s why we’ve rolled this series of Green Conservation and Environmental Signage. Sometimes  you have to spell it out for people from time to time. With these signs, you can not only remind them to recycle, but you can spell it out in plain language as to what material goes where. If you’ve only got room for one sign, then you can include this universal recycle sign that allows you to use a universally common term.

Perhaps our favorite addition to the mix, we offer this “Please turn off the lights when not needed” because your parents can’t follow you around reminding you all your life. It shouldn’t be that you have to post a sign to get a little extra TLC for mother earth, but that’s the reality of the world we are in. You can do your part throughout your organization by posting a few common sense reminders to take care of the planet as it happens to be the only one we’ve got.

Making the Workplace a Little Less Filthy

The next series of signs we have rolled out are the common sense sanitation signs. Because let’s face it, we can’t rely on moms and dads to follow their kids around all their lives reminding them to clean up after themselves. That’s why your employees will love you for posting this Lunchroom Sanitation Sign. Every organization seems to have that one employee that can’t seem to pick up after themselves and a little common sense reminder goes a long way.

Not to mention that many employees view an unsightly mess as not their problem. That’s why a handy Reminder Sanitation Sign can encourage employees to report little messes before they turn into big problems. Again, what should be common sense is not always so in the workplace. So grab a few handy reminders and make it easy for them.

Making the Workplace Safe for All

Finally and on perhaps a more serious note, we’ve made a series of signs to remind people of basic common sense that could save lives. Of course you don’t bring drugs, alcohol or weapons to school, but let’s not leave anything to chance. That’s why we’ve made an entire series of Drug, Alcohol, & Weapons Security Signs to ward off those who would do other harm. We’d love to tell you signs like this are not necessary, but we all know the that they most certainly are so.

So there you have it. If you can think of any scenario under the sun then we’ve likely got a series of signage for it. We’ve been keeping the workplace safe for over 70 years here at Idesco Safety and we don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. So don’t forget to check out the rest of our safety offerings and make your workplace a safe and clean place for your employees to earn a living. 

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