Q-Tags and Customized Laminated Tags

Q-Tags and Customized Laminated Tags

What are Q-Tags? Q-Tags are mass-produced safety tags laminated using Idesco’s proprietary lamination method. The Q-Tag lamination method is employed specifically for safety tags that are harder to laminate using existing and traditional methods, such as bar codes, photos, tags containing special messages, machine-specific data, right-to-know chemical stats and descriptions or any other unique type of safety tag that is not easy to categorize.

The Q-Tag lamination process is an economically-friendly and simple way to customize your safety tags with Idesco’s pre-printed graphics, after which we laminate the finalized product with a heavy duty (20 mil) polyester covering, a process which takes approximately 20 seconds. Q-Tag lamination is ideal for providing durable lamination for signs and messages that must be kept legible at all times and can stand up to abuse and tampering.

  • Benefits of Idesco’s Q-Tags:
  • Many tags available in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards.
  • Designed with tear-proof holes to withstand repeated straining and pulling.
  • Contain strong polyester lamination to resist moisture, solvents, oils and moist acids.
  • Abuse and tamper-proof heat encapsulated messages.

Customized Laminating Tags

Idesco as well provides specific laminated tag customization regarding industry and tag dimensions and color while complying with all safety regulations set forth by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

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