An Operational Safety Tag for Every Danger Under the Sun

An Operational Safety Tag for Every Danger Under the Sun

Each industry comes with it an implicit list of dangers that have in times past caused bodily harm and even death. Fortunately for the modern American worker, we have the ability to learn from these past mistakes and take every effort to mitigate risk going forward. Not to mention the fact that OSHA demands we do and running afoul of OSHA is a less than pleasant affair. Seizing upon these past lessons, we here at Idesco Safety have created pre-written operational safety tags for just about every danger under the sun. Where we have failed to foresee a unique threat, we’ve even made tags with enough blanks were you can just fill in the necessary information. However, we think we caught most of them and if you are looking secure your workplace with safety essentials then you will want to peruse our offerings of Operational Safety Tags.

Made for Harsh Industry

It goes without saying that if any tag is going to hold up under the heat, moisture, cold and grease of industry it must be made rugged. That’s why all of our safety tags with a ⅜” metal grommet and owns a pull strength that exceeds the OSHA required 50 pounds. Each printing is encapsulated with a rigid covering of PVC that protects the markings. So regardless of which tag you choose to warn of any particular danger, just know that it will hold up during duress in the end. So let’s get a little more specific.

Perhaps one of the most common uses of operation safety tags comes when you need to prevent a sudden discharge of energy through machinery under maintenance. Thus enters the Safety Lockout Tag.  Think of it as a father warning his child not to turn on the lights while he is wiring in a new light fixture. In a more complex work environment, such a sudden mistake can be deadly. So OSHA requires a lockout tag be placed on the machine to prevent the machine from being energized. This is fairly common, but when it comes to lockout tags we can even get more specific than that.

Specific Instructions for Every Scenario

For employes who might be confused by the term, “Do Not Operate,” we’ve even gone a step further with this “Danger, Do Not Touch This Control” tag.  To say nothing of operating, this tag tells the would be worker to not even touch the thing. Don’t operate it, don’t play with it, and in fact, don’t even touch it. In other cases, we’ve noted that some workers might be confused as to what mechanism actually controls any piece of machinery. So we’ve gotten as detailed as “Warning, Do Not Open this Valve.” For good measure, we’ve even included a picture of a valve and which direction would indeed open it in case there was any confusion.

Workplace incidents are no laughing matter and as such, there is no level of precaution you can take or remarkably specific instructions you can offer that is overboard here. Moreover, because the great American workforce is beautiful and diverse we offer a host of bilingual operational safety tags as well. There is absolutely no reason to risk a mistranslation or failure to understand when your employee’s lives are on the line. Again, specific instructions for every scenario.

Keeping the American Workforce Safe

Here at Idesco Safety, we’ve been keeping the great American workforce safe for over 70 years. Long before America ever put a man on the moon, we were ensuring workers returned home to their families at the end of every shift. Because we understand what is at risk every day in some of the most dangerous jobs in America, we spare no expense when it comes to safety. All of our products are made right here in the United States of America as it is our honor to keep your employees safe. So don’t forget to check out the full range of safety solutions we offer and finish your shift today safe and without incident. 


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