Making Your Own OSHA Standard Lockout Tags has Never Been Easier

Making Your Own OSHA Standard Lockout Tags has Never Been Easier

There are a few rules in business and industry that are golden mantras to live by. First, the pursuit of profit is always a noble venture. Second, pursuing that profit at the expense of angering OSHA is never worth it. If there were a mantra that trumped both of prior, it would be that unnecessarily risking the live of your employees in the pursuit of profit is never worth it. There are risky jobs, to be sure, but casually treating employee safety like another line item expenditure has both moral and business implications. Here at Idesco Safety, we’ve made both the business decisions the passionate American entrepreneur has to make and the safety of our fellow Americans paramount. There is an economical way to ensure that a machine isn’t charged with energy when lives are at the risk and that also makes OSHA happy. Introducing the Peel-N-Stick P-Tag and the Self-Laminated Q-Tag.

The Peel-N-Stick P-Tag

We always like to think the best of our employees and often we are right to do so. However, every organization has that one guy who couldn’t figure out that a square peg doesn’t fit into a round hole. That’s where OSHA comes in and that’s where a photo oriented lockout tag wins the day. If you look at the tag and the photo doesn’t resemble the same image you see in the mirror everyday, then don’t touch it. However, ordering a lockout tag with a photo ID from a third party provider for every job would break the bank. So the answer is simply do it yourself with our Peel-N-Stick P-Tag

Without the necessity of a laminating machine, these tags allow you to customize them on the spot for the job at hand and then add a fail-proof photo right there on the spot. With these tags, you can simply add your customized message and photo if so desired and then peel off the paper liner and then press down on the over-lamination for perfect protection. Keep in mind that we’ve got a huge variety of self-laminated tags and this is just one version. Add the message and photo you want and then live life knowing that you have taken care of the budget and your employees in one swoop.

The Self-Laminated Q-Tag

Another budget friendly option that provides OSHA quality lockout standards would be the Self-Laminated Q-Tag. Much like the P-Tag,  these allow you to add a photo if you should so desire. The difference comes in the manner in which the tag is laminated. With the Q-Tag, you you just need a piece of machinery like our Desktop Pouch Laminators to complete the lamination process. However, when you do you’ll have a fully customized lockout tag to keep your employees safe.

Some even come with the dubious warning, “my life is on the line” right next to the photo ID. Now all you have to do is truly hope the person reading the tag has no desire to do you actual harm. These tags come with 100 paper inserts and 100 Q-Tag laminating pouches ensuring you have enough tags to handle your short term needs.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. A simple, economical, and efficient way to keep your employees safe and OSHA happy. There truly is no value that you can put on the lives of your employees. Here at Idesco Safety, we’ve been prioritizing keeping the great American workforce safe for over 70 years.  We understand what is at stake everyday and we don’t cut corners. Our products are designed to stand up in the most harsh of industrial environments. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our offerings at Idesco Safety and may your shift be productive and free from injury.


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