Fuse Blockouts and Latchouts

Fuse Blockouts and Latchouts


Section (c) (5)(i) of Lockout Regulation CFR 1910.147 states that Locks, tags, chains, wedges, key blocks, adapter pins, self-locking fasteners, or other hardware shall be provided by the employer for isolating, securing or blocking of machines or equipment from energy sources. Fuse holders and fuse panels are types of energy systems that are difficult to lockout. In order to satisfy the OSHA rule, devices have been devised that “blockout and “latchout” these energy sources. These devices keeps the electrical energy systems “OPEN” with no way for electrical energy to be reconnected. However, as there is no latch on these devices, there not be a padlock to insure that these devices will not be removed.

With regard to Tagout devices (i.e. tags) they have to be affixed in such a manner as well as clearly indicate that the operation or movement of energy isolating devices, in this case fuse panels, will not be allowed. Tags placed on a blockout or latchout device have to be affixed at the same point at where a padlock would have been placed with the tag had a padlock been able to be used. If that is not possible, then the closest and safest possible point adjacent to the devices must be used. A typical tag used in this situation would state the following: DANGER, TAGOUT!!, Do Not Operate Or Remove The Energy-Isolating Or Blockout Device To Which This Tag Is Attached

As fuse panels and holders come in many sizes, the devices that are used to block them out must be available for all of them. There are fuse blockouts for 1/4”, 9/32”,13/32”, 9/16”, 13/16” and 1-1/16” diameter fuses.  Latchouts are available in 9/16” and 13/32” sizes. When latchouts are used, it is possible to use a tie lock to keep them in proper position and  prevent accidental removal. Both fuse blockouts and latchouts are made of  non-conductive plastic.

Switches are also difficult to lockout out and thus they too often require “Tagout” to be used. The same rules would apply here. A typical tag in this situation would state: DANGER, Do Not Operate This Switch.

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