Keep OSHA Happy and Your Employees Safe with Professional Padlocks

Keep OSHA Happy and Your Employees Safe with Professional Padlocks

It might seem like a simple tool, but the trusty padlock has worked to keep persons in or out since the 19th century. Technology and metallurgy has come a long way since then, but the simple premise hasn’t changed. That’s why when OSHA requires padlocks to keep machinery from being engaged or activated during routine maintenance and repair they have little tolerance for those who don’t comply. There is simply no excuse to put your employees at risk in the mind of OSHA and certainly not when padlocks come in all varieties for prices that hardly put a dent in the corporate budget. So if you have been tasked with securing your organization’s safety equipment, then let’s not be distracted by YouTube or Twitter and get this job done right shall we. Here’s how to keep OSHA happy and your employees safe with simple, professional, and affordable padlocks.

Aluminum or Brass

This is where your basic debate first takes place and where every yahoo on the internet has an opinion with their self awarded degree in metallurgy. The truth of the matter is that either will likely due so long as you understand a few basic differences. Brass Padlocks have long been regarded as the more durable version and can withstand rugged environments. That’s why archeologist are still diggin up brass items from centuries past today. Aluminum Padlocks have been loved for their combination of reliability and affordability. They are indeed cheaper and typically get the job done just the same.

Keep in mind that it has long been said that locks are created for honest people. Namely, that if an evildoer truly wants to cause mischief and mayhem a padlock will rarely stop them. It is simply the deterrent for the average person who don’t wants to go through the trouble of hacking it apart. So unless you hire a large number of evildoers in your profession then either lock is going to get the job done for you. However, if the elements will be doing their best to wreak havoc then brass is typically your go to choice. What you will find is that nearly every padlock option we offer in brass we also offer in aluminum.

Colorful and Straight to the Point

The ability to coordinate by color is helpful not only when trying to communicate an unspoken message of access to those who might seek to unlock it, but also in coordinating which department has been involved. Red locks can mean one thing while brown locks can be used to indicated another. If your company’s standard operating procedures call for such then we’ve got you covered with a couple of options.

You can choose from our Aluminum Color Coded Padlocks where the finish is fused to the actual lock so as to prevent chipping. You can even engrave company logos or employee names on the outside to more clearly communicate to those seeking access. Another option would be Aluminum Padlocks with Color Coded Padlock Sleeves.These use a shrink to fit durable sleeve that wraps around the outside. Don’t forget, we have the Brass Option available as well.

A Safety Solution for Every Season

Finally, for the employees who may not see the obvious message in the color coded them we’ve got color codes that get straight to the point. Emblazoned on the outside of these locks is the message “Danger. Locked Out.” Because let’s face it, every organization has those employees are excellent at their craft but sometimes just need it spelled out in simple english. These locks with the Danger Lockout Legend also allow you to display who initiated the lockout, what department and a phone number to contact. So there you have it, a straight and simple to the point explanation of the classic padlock.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the safety options we offer at Idesco Safety and find your workplace safety solution. Far too often, busy organizations attempt to cut corners and for a time they seem to get away with it. However, trust us when we tell you that the lives of your employees or the fines levied by the government are a far heavier price to pay than what we charge for our solutions here. The safety padlock will ensure that no machinery is energized while maintenance is taking place. The safety padlock will ensure that OSHA is happy when they visit your site. The safety padlock will give your employees peace of mind that you are putting their needs first. 

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