Durable Security Signs Offer Clear Notices and Convenience

Durable Security Signs Offer Clear Notices and Convenience

Workplace, industrial, transportation, commercial, and public-space security is increasingly important in our complex world. Highly mobile societies and international commerce move quickly and depend on security standards and communication that enable public safety, sound commercial relations, efficiency, and reliability. Properly and clearly communicating about workplace and public-space security rules, standards, permissions, requirements, etc. is a subject for regulatory agencies worldwide. It’s also – for better or worse – a subject of intense lawyer-class scrutiny.

Companies and public authorities – and even private property owners – must protect themselves and others by being sure they comply with applicable notice requirements to ensure workplace security, reduce liability, and minimize regulatory problems. To properly notify consumers, visitors, employees and others of a particular security requirement or standard it’s your responsibility to ensure the notice provided is accurate and effective – and a big part of this is the sign’s durability, resilience, and tamper resistance.

Indoor and outdoor security signs are a great way to be sure your security message is understood – and that you meet disclosure requirements – in the industrial- and workplace-security realms, and in any property- or conduct-control circumstance. Security signs alert personnel, users, visitors, and passersby to many security issues, risks, and lockouts, such as:

Lamikote-Finish Security Signs – Idesco security signs all feature a durable Lamikote finish that resists UV degradation, graffiti and tampering – safeguarding each sign’s important message for a lifetime. These signs not only offer great protection, they’re very convenient, and easy to customize.

Signs are available in different materials to suit your particular posting environment:

  • (PSV) Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl Signs — With these flexible signs just peel off the adhesive backing, and press them on to any clean, dry surface for a durable, permanent and economical security message that’s in exactly the position you need it. These label signs can wrap around corners, poles, and other odd-shaped surfaces–wherever appropriate to get your security message across clearly.
  • (HRP) Hi-Impact Rigid Plastic Signs - These economical signs are lightweight but very durable, and can be affixed easily to walls, doors, equipment, fences, etc.–providing a rugged, long-lasting permanent sign.
  • (ALU) Aluminum Signs - These non-oxidizing, rust-proof and rugged signs are easily affixed to most any flat surface–creating a virtually indestructible, permanent sign.

Easy Security Sign Customization – Importantly, these operational security signs are highly and readily customizable to your specification, including layout and design, your logo or your special message. All Idesco security signs are available in 3 standard sizes and the three standard materials noted above. Further customization is available on request in virtually any size and with custom materials including fiberglass, coroplast, dibond, and other specialized materials.

Whatever your custom security sign preferences, rest assured that it will meet your needs, comply with applicable regulations, be tamperproof and highly resistant to any environment.

These Lamikote-Finish Security Signs are available in many widely used prescribed formats right off the shelf, or they can be produced to meet your precise security message design specifications. They’re perfect for:

  • Meeting regulatory standards.
  • Rugged durability that can withstand the toughest industrial and outdoor environments.
  • Ensuring signs are abuse resistant and tamperproof.
  • Resisting water, grease, extreme temperatures, and common industrial chemicals.
  • Communicating security messages with appropriate Globally Harmonized System signal words and pictograms.
  • Reliably and clearly informing specific audiences or the general public of security issues, rules and policies ... and enabling all to avoid accidentally or intentionally engaging in security violations or creating dangerous security risks.

People crisscross the world at a very fast-pace these days and no property owner or business can afford to make mistakes when it comes to public, personnel and worksite security or regulatory compliance. Limikote-finish security signs are genuine and simple solutions that serve both objectives well.

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