Danger: Do Not Enter This Area Unless You Are Wearing A Hard Hat

Danger: Do Not Enter This Area Unless You Are Wearing A Hard Hat

Hand shields or helmets provide eye protection by using an assembly of components such as a helmet shell. This helmet must be opaque to light and resistant to impact, heat and electricity. Outer cover plate made of polycarbonate plastic which protects from UV radiation, impact and scratches. This helmet also includes filter lens made of glass containing a filler which reduces the amount of light passing through to the eyes.

Filters are available in different shade numbers ranging from 2 to 14. The higher the number, the darker the filter and the less light passes through the lens. Clear retainer lens made of plastic prevents any broken pieces of the filter lens from reaching the eye. Gasket made of heat insulating material between the cover lens and the filter lens protects the lens from sudden heat changes which could cause it to break. In some models the heat insulation is provided by the frame mount instead of a separate gasket.

This sign
was created to last in the toughest industrial environments. These signs are available in the classic OSHA format as well as in the ANSI spec. You can choose from any format.  These signs become encapsulated under high temperature and pressure inside 50 mils of rigid PVC.  They are also resistant to chemicals, weather, physical abuse and tampering. Many of these signs are enhanced with OSHA/ANSI symbols. They can be delivered with either brass eyelets or adhesive mounted. Potential buyers can inquire for prices of semi custom signs and for signs over a quantity of 50.


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