What You Need to Know About Chemical Safety

What You Need to Know About Chemical Safety
The use of industrial chemicals in the workplace presents a danger to employees if the products are not handled safely. OSHA has set up rules requiring the labeling of chemicals by companies and employee training by employers to minimize the risk of the chemicals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked to regulate the manufacture and transportation of all materials, including hazardous ones. When a material is known to present a health or safety hazard, all materials must be labeled so employees who must work with the material are aware of its dangers.

Materials and chemicals that are dangerous can be defined in a number of ways: Toxic substances that have harmful effects when directly encountered, by-products of processes, and reactivity of two or more agents can all produce threats to a worker's well-being. Some substances, like asbestos, were common construction elements in the past and still linger in workplaces. Some mineral dusts produced during manufacturing or even coal dust created when burning coal are considered chemical hazards.

The Hazard Communication standard requires employers to notify their employees and the general public when hazardous materials are on the premises. It also requires testing of all chemicals. If a material is found to be hazardous, that information must be communicated to employees. One way to do that is to label containers that carry dangerous material. This OSHA standard pre-empts any state statute concerning the labeling of chemicals.

In pursuant to OSHA’s mandated safety regulations, all containers  filled with hazardous materials must be tagged, labeled or marked with the name of all chemicals in the compound, applicable warnings and the name and address of the manufacturer or importer. OSHA-required labeling must not interfere with other labeling laws set by the Department of Transportation or the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act. The label must be in legible and must be displayed prominently on the container.

Warnings must be featured on these hazardous material tags.  Warning messages on these hazardous material tags may consist of words, pictures or symbols. The warning message must provide, at a minimum, general information about the dangers of the chemicals. This information, together with required safety training, lets employees know of the potential hazards associated with the chemicals they are working with.

OSHA’s protective measures necessitate protection and education.  OSHA has established requirements for chemical substance and practices concerning safety and protective measures. Safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, protective coats, and respiratory gear are required where and when applicable. Standards also exist for informing employees and others of any possible hazard in the workplace. These steps include container labeling, employee training and material safety data sheets. Signage listing the potential health risks that substances pose must be posted in plain sight if hazardous chemicals are present.

Idesco Safety helps you take safety measures against impending danger is the first step towards avoiding perilous circumstances at workplaces. Hazardous Material Tags are designed to promote chemical safety at workplaces, factories, and laboratories.  These laminated safety tags can help keep your facility safe from hazardous materials and prevent injuries resulting from them.  Available with different legends, you can choose the message that meets with individual requirements and communicates the intended message. All laminated safety tags are made with hard-matte finish which retain retains pencil notations, yet can be erased easily. These  laminated  safety tags can be laminated to offer protection against water, chemicals, and weather. Hazardous Material tags  are resistant to solvents, moisture, abrasion, fading etc.

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