A Sign Can Save Lives

A Sign Can Save Lives

Going out to a nightclub is supposed to be an occasion of joyful celebration, full of the promise of meeting new people, dancing, laughing and blowing off some steam with friends. However, in the aftermath of the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, what began as a night of fun ended in tragedy.

Sadly, the last century has seen some of the deadliest nightclub and assembly fires known to man.  Many were the result of attendees getting trapped inside of buildings where they were gathered to hear music and socialize during the prohibition and post prohibition era. The deadliest of these disasters was the fire at Boston’s Cocoanut Grove Theater –the second worst single building fire in American history (second only to the Iroquois Theatre fire). The space was over its authorized capacity by 32 people, and they all lost their lives to the deadly blaze. The enormity of the event was so shocking that it briefly replaced the news of World War II in papers, and it led to a reform of safety standards and codes across the country.

With no advance warning, natural and manmade disasters, such as a fires, earthquakes, chemical spills happen.  And tragically, acts of terrorism also sometimes happen. When mere moments count, something as simple as a safety sign can make a critical difference between grievous injuries and possible fatalities, and safe egress.

Safety Signs

Idesco Safety has a wide variety of interior and exterior signage options to accommodate and keep your business up to operating code and making the space safer for occupants.  Fire, exit, and first aid safety signs are especially important in the case of a nightclub or other venue that will draw large, energetic crowds.

These signs can decrease accidents and save lives every day by providing early warnings and alerts and letting people know what to do and what not to do in the event that they have to evacuate a space. While safety signs must meet OSHA specifications, they can be customized to your facility’s needs so you can keep your safety identification system up to date. With the help of an expert, you can take steps to reduce visual clutter so the messages are clearly recognized and will create consistency of design throughout your facility, improving regulatory compliance and making your venue safer and easier to manage in the case of an untimely emergency. To find out more about how safety signs can improve workplace security and create a cooperative and community-serving environment, please contact us at any time.

Because each disaster can have lasting effects – people may be seriously injured or even killed – and devastating and costly property damage can occur, when entering any public assembly building, venue operators should know and advise their guests to observe all posted safety signs and follow these guidelines to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Before Entering

Look Around

Do you feel comfortable? Is the main entrance wide enough and does it open outward to allow for an easy exit? Is the outside area clear of any materials or debris that could block exits?

Have A Communication Plan

Use the buddy system and identify a friend or relative to contact in case you’re separated from your friends or companions.

Establish A Meeting Place

Pick a nearby spot outside of the venue to meet family or friends with whom you’re meeting up. If there is an emergency or you get a sense of something not feeling right, be sure to join them there instead of heading to your original destination.

When You Enter

Immediately Locate Exits

Look for all available exits as soon as you enter the building and be prepared to use your closest exit if the main exit is blocked. Share this information with your companions and never make light of the importance of basic safety.

Check For Clear Exit Paths

Are the aisles wide enough and clear? Is the exit door not blocked or chained? If there are not at least two exits available or if exit paths are blocked, report the violation to the management and leave the building if it is not immediately addressed. You can call the local fire marshal to register a complaint as well.

Make Sure You Feel Safe

Does the building seem overcrowded? Are guests blocking exits or are there other things that make you feel unsafe? If you don’t feel safe, trust your gut and leave immediately.

During An Emergency

React immediately

If you see or hear any unusual disturbance, immediately exit the building in an orderly fashion, even before an alarm sounds. Locate your companions and tell another guest so they can alert their group. Thinking and acting in the moment could save lives and time if a venue evacuation is necessary.

Get Out and Stay Out!

Once you have escaped, stay out. Under no circumstances should you ever go back inside the building. If you have become separated from your friends and family, let trained experts conduct rescue operations and locate them.

As we remember those we have lost to a tragedy, know that every time we come together to celebrate, we are creating another chance to make a difference and remain open to strengthening bonds, creating happiness and bringing in healing.

Responsibly providing a space for guests to have a good time in what can be a frenetic environment includes thoroughly and consistently addressing their needs, comfort and safety.  Let Idesco Safety take care of your venue safety signage needs.


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