DIY Photo ID Padlock Labels, DO NOT REMOVE THIS LOCK, MY LIFE DEPENDS UPON IT and clear heavy-duty Shrink To Fit sleeve (35 Labels and 35 Sleeves per package)

Item #: BAT-402GZ
Custom Do it Yourself Photo ID Padlock Labels and Clear heavy-duty Shrink To Fit sleeve
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Use our DIY Photo ID Padlock Labels Kit to put a photo of the person responsible for the lockout directly onto the equipment being locked out. All you need is a camera (smart phone cameras are fine!) and an office printer (inkjet or laser). Make sure your lockouts are easy to identify!

DIY Photo ID Padlock Labels Kit are economical and easy to use with these simple steps:

  1. Buy a package of DIY Photo ID Padlock Labels Kit.
  2. Upon purchase of a package of DIY Photo ID Padlock Labels, you will also receive an email with a link to download a PDF of our custom, easy to use DIY Photo ID Imprint file.
  3. Take head-shot pictures of your employees using a camera or smart phone and store the pictures on your computer.
  4. Once you have received the package of DIY Photo ID Safety Tags, open the DIY Photo ID Imprint File.
  5. Click on the Photo Box and browse to find the employee's photo on your computer. Click Select to choose the file.
  6. Click to fill in employee's Name, Department and Date.
  7. Repeat as needed for additional custom DIY Photo ID Padlock Labels.
  8. Insert DIY Photo ID Padlock Label sheets into your printer (you may use test sheets to determine orientation in paper tray).
  9. Print your new DIY Photo ID Labels.
  10. Peel off your custom DIY Photo ID Label and affix to your padlock!

These DIY Photo ID Padlock Label Kits come with our special clear, shrink-to-size padlock sleeves. These popular padlock protectors are easy to apply using our industrial heat gun, or any household blow-dryer.


Origin:Made in USA
Quantity in Pack:35 labels (7 labels per sheet, 5 sheets per pack) and 35 Sleeves
Minimum Order:1 Kit
Is imprint:1
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