Lockout Hasps

Our Lockout Hasps are safe and versatile. Lockout Hasps allow you to use one padlock or several padlocks to lock out all types of machines, as well as electrical panels, breaker boxes, and other electrical sources. These Lockout Hasps will not open unless every padlock is removed, when operations may safely resume.

Choose from a variety of materials, including heavy-duty zinc-coated steel, vinyl-coated high tensile steel, tough anodized aluminum or nonconductive nylon. Available in different styles and sizes, all our Hasp Lockouts exceed OSHA requirements, and are rugged enough to withstand corrosive and harsh industrial environments. Idesco Safety - your #1 source for Lockout Hasps!

Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
Lockout Hasp, 1 KWLAA10B
Lockout Hasp, 1" With Interlocking Tabs, With 8" Chain  1    
Lockout Hasp, 1-1/2 KWLAA14A
Lockout Hasp, 1-1/2" With Interlocking Tabs  1 1/2    
Lockout Hasp, 1-1/2 KWLAA14B
Lockout Hasp, 1-1/2" With Interlocking Tabs, With 8" Chain  1 1/2    
Dual-Sided 1 KWLBA10A
Dual-Sided 1" And 1-1/2" Lockout Hasp      
Dual-Sided 3/4 KWLBA21A
Dual-Sided 3/4" And 1-3/4"Lockout Hasp      
Heavy-Duty 1 KWLAC33A
Heavy-Duty 1" Lockout Hasp, 1/8" Shackle      
Heavy-Duty 1 KWLAC34A
Heavy-Duty 1" Lockout Hasp, 1/4" Shackle      


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