Blue Flag Railroad Safety Signs, Flags & Tags

Introducing our line of Idesco Safety Blue Flag Signs and Tags for Railroads. OSHA and FRA require blue signs on any track where locomotives of the railroad serving your plant will operate. Red signs may be called for in special situations. Red signs satisfy OSHA Blue Flag Rule. All Idesco Safety Sign plates made of rugged aluminum with engineer grade coating. Idesco Safety carries a complete line of Blue Flag nylon flags as well. Finally, shop here for Railroad safety tags, ideal for use in railroad maintenance operations, including Lockout: Tagout.

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Item # Product name Format Price
Service Connections Blue Sign RS-217
Service Connections Blue Sign    
Locomotive Under Repair Blue Sign RS-218
Locomotive Under Repair Blue Sign    
Do Not Stop On Tracks Sign RS-219
Do Not Stop On Tracks Sign    
Safety First Blue Sign RS-220
Safety First Blue Sign    
Derail Blue Sign RS-223
Derail Blue Sign    
Yard Limit Sign RS-224
Yard Limit Sign    
Clear Point Sign RS-225
Clear Point Sign    
Warning Close Clearance Sign RS-226
Warning Close Clearance Sign    
Caution Car Wheels Must Be Chocked Blue Sign RS-228
Caution Car Wheels Must Be Chocked Blue Sign    
Caution Hoses Connected Sign RS-229
Caution Hoses Connected Sign    


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Phone: (844) 302-9806

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