Blue Flag Railroad Safety Signs, Flags & Tags

The blue flag and signs used in railroad operations indicate specific safety protocols and are crucial for ensuring the safety of workers. Here are some of the top blue flag and railroad signs used in railroad operations:

  1. Blue Flag: The blue flag is a physical marker that is placed on or near a piece of equipment or track to indicate that it is being worked on or inspected. The blue flag is used to prevent any movement of trains or other equipment while workers are in close proximity. It is a signal to operators that work is in progress, and they must not attempt to move or operate the equipment until the blue flag is removed.
  2. Blue Flag Sign: The blue flag sign is typically placed near a blue flag and provides a clear, standardized message to all personnel working on the equipment or tracks. It may state: "STOP - Men at work. Do not move this equipment." The sign helps reinforce the meaning and importance of the blue flag and serves as a visible reminder to all workers in the vicinity.
  3. Blue Signal Protection: Blue signal protection refers to the practice of protecting workers by using blue signals or flags when working on or around tracks or equipment. Blue signal protection ensures that everyone on the job site is aware that work is being conducted and that operators should not move or operate any equipment until notified otherwise.
  4. Blue Light/Lantern: In addition to the blue flag and sign, a blue light or lantern can be used to provide visual indication that work is being performed. The blue light is often displayed at night or in low visibility conditions to signal that the equipment or track is in use and should not be disturbed.

It's important to note that these blue flag and railroad signs may vary slightly depending on the specific railroad and its operating procedures. Railroad personnel should be familiar with their company's specific guidelines and procedures for blue flag and railroad sign usage to ensure proper identification and communication of work being conducted.

Item # Product name Price
Service Connections Blue Sign RS-217
Service Connections Blue Sign  
Locomotive Under Repair Blue Sign RS-218
Locomotive Under Repair Blue Sign  
Do Not Stop On Tracks Sign RS-219
Do Not Stop On Tracks Sign  
Safety First Blue Sign RS-220
Safety First Blue Sign  
Derail Blue Sign RS-223
Derail Blue Sign  
Yard Limit Sign RS-224
Yard Limit Sign  
Clear Point Sign RS-225
Clear Point Sign  
Warning Close Clearance Sign RS-226
Warning Close Clearance Sign  
Caution Car Wheels Must Be Chocked Blue Sign RS-228
Caution Car Wheels Must Be Chocked Blue Sign  
Caution Hoses Connected Sign RS-229
Caution Hoses Connected Sign  

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