Idesco Safety carries a complete line of accessories to help you produce and carry your Identification materials safetly and securely.

Item # Product nameSize (WxH)Format Price
Hand Slot Punch SAYA014
Hand Slot Punch  Product Dimensions :5-.25" long, weight .6 lbs.    
Nickle plated neck chains AXA09B30
Nickle plated neck chains  Product dimensions :30" long    
Nylon Lockstrap, Standard KWB05E
Nylon Lockstrap, Standard      
Photo ID Cards PKP81754
Photo ID Cards  Product Dimensions: 2-1/8" x 3-3/8"    
Plastic Strap Loops AXA03A
Plastic Strap Loops  Product dimensions : 6"    
Removeable Strap Clips AXA07A
Removeable Strap Clips  Product dimensions: 2.75"    
Royal Blue Retractable Card Reel AXA525IRBLU
Royal Blue Retractable Card Reel  Product Dimensions : Reel Diameter 1.25" cord length: 34"    
Grommet Pliers KWB90
Grommet Pliers  3 1/2 x 5 5/8 (custom sizes available upon request)    
Industrial Heat Gun LMBW001A
Industrial Heat Gun  Standard    


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